Blue Meanings

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The concept of a free and democratic society in Britain is fundamentally flawed. The UK democracy is supposed to serve the people who live under it fairly. Unfortunately this is based on a false premise. It is based on the idea that a government in power elected by the people will have the people’s interests in mind when creating policies and new laws. This may have been the case once upon a time, however, right now the main aim of any capitalist or socialist government working within the framework of democracy is to get re-elected come the end of its’ term in office. The best way to do this is through funding and using the media to spin bad news into good. In the pursuit of funding modern day government of Britain is trying hard to please industry bosses, leaders of corporations and major companies. They provide tax breaks and in return are provided with donations. The donations then go toward the next campaign and the politicians claim the tax incentives (sometimes known as sweeteners) are a necessary part of attracting industry to ensure job creation. This is a corruption of the system. Some private firms looking for a way into a particular market, such as the introduction of casinos, will spend millions lobbying a government in power hoping to get new legislation tabled in the house of commons. This money will also find its way into the campaign funds account. Contributions to campaign funds are a way of bribing politicians and it has been going on for decades. A certain Senator from Illinois used $730million in total during his campaign to become President (source: In the UK our modern politicians have a capitalist agenda.

The second reason that democracy and the elected governments aren’t doing what is best for the people is because they have a term of office that lasts only up to five years (in most democratic countries). Many of the world’s most serious problems cannot be solved within such a short time. Global warming, the energy crisis and world hunger are examples of such problems. The typical politician will not do anything that might jeopardise the funding that they get from the multi-national giants. Many politicians go on to work for the very same companies that they helped while in office. Mussolini said “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”


In America George Bush Jnr won the popular vote by championing issues that have nothing to do with improving the long term future for the USA. A pseudo issue such as terrorism is much simpler for the American people to understand. American Republican politicians once placed terrorism at the centre of their agenda because it was difficult for the public to disagree with such a policy without important difficult to obtain pieces of information. In reality the American Republicans hid the bigger picture and at the same time helped the arms industry to make money. The real threat to the future of the human race is resource depletion and environmental effects of using fossil fuels. Only a long term stable Government can affectively handle the important issue of resource management.


In the picture above I have represented the new generations as a pram which contains an infant child. I have represented my generation as the skeleton - someone who is no longer living. I am not stating here that the next generation is also dead, that is for the viewer to decide but I am certain that unless the population of the world is managed a Mathusian societal collapse is inevitable. Demand has already outpaced supply, the commodities speculators have seen this and prices are going up. If the Western countries hang on to their capitalist ideals the poor of Africa will starve on mass. Our world governments must start to manage the decreasing world food and oil production or be responsible for terrible widespread human suffering.

An Alternative to our Democratic System: A more honest and less corruptible system could be implemented as easily as introducing identity cards. A step in the right direction perhaps would be to move toward a government of proportional representation. One in which parties would have a number of MPs in the house of commons proportional to the number of votes which that party received in an election. This would allow minority parties to have representatives to put forward more radical ideas for debate. But going further than proportional representation I suggest a referendum for each issue being debated. Acting like a house of commons and voting at the same time as the MPs and having equal weight in every major vote the population could take part electronically via the world wide web. It would involve the entire country thereby encouraging a nationwide interest in politics. It could be done electronically using anonymous email addresses allocated by post in sealed envelopes yearly. And results would be displayed on websites. For our personal safety something needs to be done, the status quo must be overturned.